The Bike-Book-Machine is a custom designed pedal powered mobile library connected to the activities of The Librarium.

In a world of increasing privatisation of space and resources, the Bike-Book-Machine is our attempt to insert the share culture back into public space and open up conversation on some radical topics from our small collection of text-objects. As critique of the growing “share-economies” expands along with the rise and rise of bike culture, the Bike-Book-Machine attempts to bring these important things together.


The bike-book-machine was launched in April 2016 with 4 outings to public locations featuring a curated bookshelf on a specific theme. Each public outing featured a guest conversationalist who spoke live with Rebecca Conroy (details below).



The Bike-Book-Machine is the first of its kind in Sydney and follows growing international interest in the small scale library, and the activation of public spaces with conversation and exchange.

In connection with The Librarium, this project complements the fast growing density of artists who have been making their home in Marrickville for the past 10 years as housing prices elsewhere continue to skyrocket.

The need for a nuanced archive of small press and artist books is not just appreciated by artists however, but also provides another exhibition space for talking about contemporary art with the public. As well as this we have a large stock of ephemera which logs and maps important local history and collaborative art projects that have existed in event form, the documentation of which forms an important historical role.

The artists involved in the collective The Librarium have art practices that span interdisciplinary design, book-making, small press publishing, curating, discursive event making, and archiving.

The Librarium is interested in the sharing of resources for economical reasons and also because lending libraries encourage civic engagement. We are keen to work with the Marrickville Library and where possible combine our curated bookshelves thus drawing attention to the importance of libraries as civic spaces and raise awareness about their presence and benefits.

In 2015 Librarium member Rebecca Conroy visited small library spaces and checked out design inspiration. Here are some models from across the US…

bikebookmachine1 bikebookmachine2 9633939

DPL book bike

DPL book bike

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